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I have been in the Coppell area for over 29 years. Through the years, the size and scope of what Taylor Glass can do has changed. I install replacement glass and new windows, but the average window frame manufacturing time is five month or more. I also do remodeling projects like bathrooms. Other small projects might fall into a “to do list.” Call or email me with your list.















                 I’ve always lived by the motto of “It’s your house and your money. You tell me?”
                  This allowed us to work on the best options for your most valuable asset.


Announcing a new partenership with KirkMasseyGroup.com I also bring that same  
  attitude and approach to the insurance world. “It’s your property. Protect it!”
  like no two remodel jobs are the same, this holds true with your insurance coverage.
  It needs to fit your situation. As an independent agent, I’m able to look at a variety
  of options for your insurance solutions. Like designing a new bathroom, you can 
  choose the style and appearance to fit the budget.
If you’ve had the same insurance
  for a while, call me, “it’s time to remodel!”





                     Before, your home might look like this.                                                    After a claim, it needs to look like this.


                              On the outside it's impossible to see the difference, however, it's what's on the inside that counts.
                               The very first thing a claims adjuster does, is read your homeowner's policy. I know we all have
                               a general idea of what is covered.  You now have more possessions and may have
                               remodeled in the last two years. Your home's value has increased and so has construction costs

                               I look forward to offering you a free quote on your homeowners policy. Thank You.
                                                                          Dole Brewer with KirkMasseyGroup.com